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Thorough development and evaluation for product safety and security Complete process from design to benchmark evaluation

Regarding drum brakes, which are our flagship product, we carry out product development and evaluation that satisfies not only strength, durability and performance requirements, but also brake noise performance. Specifically, in brake sound evaluation, we employ performance evaluation of abnormal brake sound with a specialized suspension dynamometer and FEM analysis, and pursue a “zero noise” drum brake.

Brake Dynamometer with Environmental Tank

Brake Sound Evaluation Analysis

FEM Analysis
In the CAD room, we conduct FEM analysis of brake sound and prevent brake noise during the early stages of development.

SEM( Scanning Electron Microscope)
We conduct analysis and evaluation of organic metal stock in order to improve the technical capabilities of adhesion and coating, and select materials at a view of environmental protection from the production to disposal.

Absolute trust is a brake supplier’s key principle Responding to customer feedback

As a supplier of critical safety components, it is essential for us to obtain absolute trust from our customers. At HOSEI, based on this firm mindset, we have established strict quality check functions at each step of our integrated production system, and have actualized the manufacture of high-stability and high-quality products with quality control in both soft and hard aspects. We are striving to create a system that provides our customers with comprehensive satisfaction in both safety and security.

Portable 3D Measuring Machine

3D Measuring

Non-contact 3D Measuring Machine

Maximum utilization of the unique characteristics of each factory Establishment of a high-efficiency integrated production system

The establishment of an integrated production system, from design to production, has become one of HOSEI’s major strong points. This system is supported by advanced skills in production technology. With “Supreme Quality” as our top priority, we produce high-quality products more efficiently. With thick sheet press processing and precision pressing, we make full use of HOSEI’s knowledge to manufacture metal molds, enabling complex shape forming. In addition, utilizing each factory’s specialisms, such as machining and welding and coating, has led to an overall improvement in evaluation of our company as a whole.

Swiftly responding to needs that change over time Deep trust obtained through reliable productivity

At HOSEI, as a supplier specializing in vehicle brakes, we take pride in the fact that the number and production volume of brake components that we handle are on the global top level. This is supported by workplace capabilities that respond to customer needs, which change with the times, with high quality and speedy improvements.

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